Fxck My X (Prod. by Young Taylor)

Published by Gill Graff

  • 1 credits

Young fly woman coming straight out of my birthplace Her looks had me shook like an earthquake Why the fuck did I trust her in the first place You were my priority; I was like your third place I know as the verse plays, you’re probably crying That shit is satisfying just like you would satisfy him You would claim that cats was lying every time I heard a line About you and Brian fucking in the back of the workplace And your own friends told on you, The jokes on you, glad I didn’t go down on you about to fucking drown in crown royal I was down for you about to put the crown on you Shit, but you’re dead to me, rest in peace I'm gonna do what’s best for me, successfully Girl why you stressing me, I’m trying to find what’s next for me Therefore he, Better put up with your shit, don’t question me like .. [Chorus] 2x Are you gonna fuck your x all day? I swear I'm gonna change, that’s what we all say You should be a fucking actress up in broadway And I'mma keep doing me Like always I could never go back, you been exposed Known as the one who can’t keep her legs closed Wanted to buy you rings and even make your neck glow Now I’m tryna explode upon my x girl I should’ve listened to my boys when they warned me Informed me, before you shitted on me Why I never paid attention is beyond me, I guess I never gave a fuck about your ways before me Lessons learned, tables turn, possessions burn Everytime I meet a new chick, I'm less concerned I'm getting late night texts on my cellphone But I'm way passed the point of no return Shit, aint nothing you can do to me Bitches tryin to ruin me, Thought you was just screwing me Seems like it’s a crew and me See I'm just doing me fluently Steady going after this new money and she’s asking.. [Chorus] 2x #audio #Hiphop Rap #gill #graff #fuck #my #x #j #cole #drake #russ #young #taylor #chance #the #rapper #mac #miller

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