Farewell My Childhood (Fantasy on a theme of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Published by Eddie Goh

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Yesterday (30/05/2015), a Thieve broke into my car window and Stole my whole lousy open bag that contained 20 + old & rare (printed from the 60s - 90s)Music books in Damansara Uptown, Malaysia. Parked my car just 50m away from Police station FYI....I am really upset about this whole incident because those books, any amount of Money can't even Buy them anymore. Yeap, a VERY big and important chunk of my Childhood got stolen. Those books were collected since I was young when I was travelling across Europe, from quiant, obscure old music book stores. This jerked quite a few tears even while I recorded this in 1 take. I won't be the musician/ pianist I am if not for those precious books. I took " Mary Had Little a Lamb" as the main, re-occuring theme because it's the 1st song from one of them stolen books. You can say it IS the beginning of my musical journey in this World. The listener will be introduced to various variations, modulations, chord progressions and styles played against this universally famous childish melody. While at the ending, I hope the listener finds hope and resolve as I intended it to be as a form of self-comfort to me (I know I was pretty depressed during that moment). So as a tribute to those lost books that I Treasure, here's a my tribute to them " Farewell My Childhood, A Fantasy on Marry Had a Little Lamb". May the new owners find them as Wonderful as I did. Sorry for the obvious mistakes as it is a 1-take recording, in other words, stuff that just came into my mind and I played straight away...plus I was highly emotional when played this. Peace out ! #audio #piano #fantasy #accoustic #variations #Summer #2015 #Freestyle #Raw # #Sketch # #1Take #Recording

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