StereoLounge & Hardcuts_BeatShaker

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Description: World Without Sound is a name of a track by my late brother Paul O Donovan the original StereoLounge after he passed I wanted to continue his work and keep his name alive and bring you more than ever before. First track Efficiency Level is a 140bpm industrial techno track by myself and a good friend of mine John O'Neil based in Waterford Ireland. Second Track is a track called Beatshaker again by myself and a good friend called Hard cuts and the final track is a little bit more downtempo track called Dirty Lil Bitch a track that originated from my late brother but a version done by myself in a different way and different style. BIO: StereoLounge was the brainchild of the late Paul O Donovan older brother to David O Donovan. Growing up with Pauls musical and artistic passion I decided I wanted to keep his legacy alive and so I have brought it on myself to continue his work and bring you all much much more... there are lots in the pipeline so enjoy our sounds and passion for electronic music... Thank You SOCIAL: #audio #Electronic #Techno #electronic

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