Grey City Records
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Independent Electronic Music founded by Mikie (4 Da People). Send your Demos to our Soundcloud Dropbox or via e-mail to:

We also provide professional Mixing/Mastering services.
Contact @

Keep in mind that the services we provide, are not free. Please read full profile for pricings and info.

Mastering service

By ordering mastering at GCR, you’ll only pay once mastering has been done.
This means, that I’ll send you a preview of your track, and if you are happy with the result, only then will you pay.

When payment has been received, you will get your track in different formats. By default it’s 24Bit WAV & MP3 conversion.

1 track - 20€
2 tracks - 35€
3 tracks - 60€

For more tracks (including EP’s/Albums) Please contact GCR for a deal.

We´ll accept 32Bit WAV files, with absolutely nothing on the master channel. Leave around -3db headroom for best results.

Files can be sent via or directly to

Mixing service

For mixing, payment has to be done first, as it’s a very time consuming process.
This is to ensure payment has been received, in case customer regrets the decision at last moment, while hours has been spent on the mix.

But, as a bonus, by ordering mixing at GCR, you’ll also get an optional free mastering for your track, so your track is ready to be played in clubs.

Pr. track - 55€ (Includes a free mastering)

You are ensured to have a constant dialog with use, as the mixing process goes on, to get you the best result.


If you have any questions, or want to order a service, please contact us @
You can also contact us here at SoundCloud directly.

We’ll respond within a maximum period of 48h, but usually much less.

All payment is done by PayPal, to provide a secure and reliable service.

Grey City Records (GCR Mastering & Mixing)

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