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Athina, Greece
Last online: 8 months ago
"An intense relationship with sound and a drive to share energy through music was the reason G Spice got into djing.He started spinning in the early 90s performing at raves, festivals and clubs around Greece, influenced by the acid house revolution. The years that followed found him maintaining residency at "D.N.A" and "Groove box" club as well as performing with international djs like Alex Neri, Antoine Clamaran, Quiver and Matthias Heilbronn. Entering the new millenium ,G spice joined rising galaxy studios and started releasing tracks on labels like Grouper,KULT ,Escada,Do it now, 2600 and Gotta keep faith records ,getting big support from artists and djs like Carl Cox, Tedd Patterson and Dj spen Nowdays G spice divides his time between studio work and gigs in Greece and most recently other parts of the world including Miami , Stockholm, Prague and Barcelona as well as running his label Fly In A Jam Records and his radio show "cosmic love sessions" *Winner Of West End Records International Music Search *SEEME Remix Award Holder Bookings abdullah@phatelephant.com Demos / Remixes : hiphousechild@aol.com *** releases G spice - "Intellectual" EP - Deep Class Records G spice -"Elements" EP - The Sound Of Everything Deep G spice - "Keep On Searching" EP - Perception Music G spice - "Ghetto Soul" EP - Dutchie Music G spice - "Deep In Chicago" EP - Crossworld Records G spice - "The Way" EP - Ready Mix Records G spice & Fahra -"Surrender"-Deep Nota Records G spice- "Devotion" EP - Phat Elephant Recordings G spice -"The Nod"- Sanity Records G spice -"Tropical Flow EP"- Grouper G spice -"There For Me" EP - Epoque G spice -"Deep Breath" EP - Low Flow Records G spice-"I Believe" EP -Down Under G spice -"Shine"/"Heartsong"-Do It Now (CD) G spice - "Chronicles" EP -Grouper G spice feat. Iris S - "Loosin Control" - Open Bar Music Nickolas & G spice - "No Matter What" EP - Four Peas Recordings Nickolas & G spice - "Daylight" EP - 2600 records Nickolas & G Spice - "Psycho Relax" - Escada music Nu Larisa Soul - "Cosmic Love" - Gotta Keep Faith Nickolas & G Spice - "Dark View" EP - Deep Sessions Nickolas & G Spice feat. Vincent Inc. - "Play For U" - Open Bar Music Nickolas & G Spice - "Keep On Luvin Me" EP - Grouper Nickolas & G spice - "Traveling" EP - Deep Sessions Nickolas & G spice -"Handful Of Stars" - Wet Recordings Nu Larisa Soul - "Happy For U" - Wet Recordings Nickolas & G spice - "Movin On" EP -Subway Records Nickolas & G spice - "Neon Lines" - KULT Nickolas & G spice - "In Your Arms" - Wet Recordings Nickolas & G Spice - "Bodywork"/"Transmission" - KULT Nickolas & G Spice - "Solid" EP - Audio Odyssey U.K. Nickolas & G Spice - "New Life" EP - Escada Music remixes: *** Dj Feevos - "In Code" (G spice Breakfast Club Dub) - Elektrik Dreams Music Solunamanalia - "Vous Etes" (G Spice Redub) -The Sound Of Everything Deep Sendos Fuera - "Super Bass" (G spice remix) - Dutchie Music Juan Mejia - "Spanish Harlem" (G spice remix) - Grouper Harlem Knights- "Get The Groove" (G spice remix) - Grouper Joeski - "Can I Begin" (G Spice Remix) - Dutchie Music Mac Bros - "The Calling Of Music (G spice remix) - Epoque Dj Wady - "Piso 30" (G spice remix) - Dutchie Music Dj Feevos - "Tekes" (G spice Native Soul remix) - Grouper Allan Zax - "What A Day Indeed" (G spice "verano" remix) - Dutchie Music Andrew Chibale - "Dancing Partners" (G Spice Remix) - Grouper Prosis - "Plastic" ( G spice remix ) - Grouper Nikos Diamantopoulos feat. Katerina -"Too Late" (G spice Club Mix) - Wet Recordings C.9ine - "I Want you" (G spice remix) - Do It Now Groove Assassin Feat. Tantra Zawadi - "Love Seeker" (G spice & Dimkal remix) - Gotta Keep Faith Recs Clown Dallas feat. William Scott - "Pyramids"( G spice & Smoothtraxx remix ) - Spirit Sound Records Gene King feat Jacen Duncan - "I am"(G spice 95 vocal mix) - Do It Now Mauro B - "Perfect Face"(G spice Dub) - Grouper Christos Fourkis - "Touch Of Soul" (G spice deep dub)-Wet Recordings Jm Brothers - "House Music Is The Answer" (G spice remix) - Grouper Laurie Bescheerer - "Even Odds"(G spice remix) - Grouper Leo esco - "Una vez mas" (Nickolas & G spice feel mix) - Grouper recordings Dj Cata - "Heat" (Nickolas & G spice dub mix) - Bonzai clubgrooves Aris Kokou - "You or me" (Nickolas & G spice remix) - Wet recordings Alex Coollook - "Napa Bay" (Nickolas & G spice remix) - Bonzai fiesta Milan Khol - "Little Lamb "(Nickolas & G spice remix) - Undiscovered Soundscreens Outline - "Assasin"(Nickolas & G spice cosmic trigger mix) - Soundtribe records Crhistian Paduraru - "Born again" (Nickolas & G spice deep house mix) - Christian L.F.O. feat Muma - "Stay" (Nickolas & G spice remix) - Wet Recordings Tokyo 7 feat Martha Evans - "Saturday" (Nickolas & G spice "downstairs" mix) - Citrus Masterpiece- "Where Do I Fit" (Nickolas & G Spice Remix) - Christian DJ Tau - "I Know u Want Me" (Nickolas & G Spice downstairs mix) - Audio odyssey Nickolas & G Spice "Forest Of Memories" (Destination Unknown Mix by Nikos Diamantopoulos)" "Blue"LP by Nikos Diamantopoulos - Klik records Mix Compilations: *** G spice -"The Greece Series"-Dutchie Worldwide cosmic love sessions radio show *** wednsdays 14:00 CET www.bangee.gr/ thursdays 20:00 CET www.deepinradio.com fridays 20:00 CET www.smoothtraxx.gr sundays 18:00 CET www.tunnelfm.com/ monthly (Sunday 20.00 CET) www.ibizaglobalradio.com

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