Enlightened- GUBBI & BIG DEAL feat. Ritwika

Published by Gubbi

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The Lyrics should explain it all LYRICS GUBBI Yeah!!You know? They say the best things in the world are for free But not everyone is blessed as you and me BIG DEAL! You ready? BIG DEAL Yeah! lets go I feel lucky for this life im livin My mind is so lit and i open ma eyes wide Sight the visions I feel alive i'm kickin These rhymes ive written And im so driven that i can do anything Spread my wings fly high in the sky like pigeons I neva die, aint quittin, always survivin this mission Even if i fall,i find the spirit And then bind me with it, Homie i aint givin up But then givin up is easy For a man who cant see me Still I see em walkin on the streets G With their walkin rods believe me They see more life than each of us combined The hardship and the agony, their life is their antagonist You dont know whats in their heart They cant even put in words Doin it for the deaf folks who cant even get this heard No wars, their affliction that they fightin May the almighty have the disables ENLIGHTENED RITWIKA BHATTACHARYA ---------------------------------------------------- Fallin' & Risin' Never callin' it quits, surprisin'(x2) I see the light in the horizon Through the darkness, i'm enlightened(x2) GUBBI ---------------------------------------------------- Suryana kiranadanthe naa ee jagakke bande (i came into this world like the sun rays) Nanna modala aluvininde yellara nagu thande (through my first cry i brought smiles on faces) Belitha belitha adu beku idu bekende (as i grew up i said "i want this, i want that") Kelidanella thandukottaru nanna thande (my dad bought me whatever i asked for) Thanda nanthara naanu adakenende? (after he bought me everythin..what did i say?) Innu beeku..innu bekende (i said "i want more i want more") Santhrupthi illada nanage yene (everything seemed dissatisfactory to me) Thandukottaru adella ondu koratheyanthe (no matter what you bought for me) Snehithariddaru nanna samasya ondu kanthe (though i have friends i have heaps of problems) Kannidaru namage hagalella kathalu (though we can see we are blind throughout the day) Drishti heenana manasakshi koduvudilla avakasha kuggalu (a blind man's conscious never lets him down) Biddaru yeddaru chalabidade geddaru (with will power they faced all the ups and downs) Margadalli yene bandaru thamade daari kandaru (no matter what came their way, they found a way out) Kivi keladavanige kelithu baravaseya dhwani (the deaf heard the sound of hope Yella iruva namage koratheya kambani (though we have everything we are filled with dissatisfaction) Avakashayemba shakkaku ingada ibbani (The tears of dissatisfaction will never be evaporated by the heat of opportunity) RITWIKA BHATTACHARYA ---------------------------------------------------- Biddaroo yelike (from fall to rise) Spoorthyonde saaku baalige (Inspiration is all that you need) Kathalinda belakige (from darkness to light) Sathathawagi yelige (continuous improvement)

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