Mungaru(Monsoon) -GUBBI & AB(Kannada rap)

Published by Gubbi

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My first KANNADA RAP LYRICS: GUBBI Male baruvanthe nee nanna jeevanadalli bandhe - Like the rain,you came into my life Naa aa ninna kannugalli mrudhatanavannu kande - In those eyes of yours i saw tenderness "Naa yandhigu ninnavale" yandhu nee nannagandhe - "i'm always yours" is what u told me Nanna prathi samaskyakke parihaaraa nee thandhe - you brought a solution to every problem of mine Yendhe..aagali, naduve yaare barali - be it anytime or let anyone come between us Yantha anthara nantharave namma madhye tharali - and try to create a gap irrespective of its size Loha chumbakkadanthe antide namma nantu - our relationship is stuck like a magnet Yandhu nee andha nantharave birukina saraku banthu - a big crack was created between us a while after Namma prathi parihaarakke samasya thanthu - it brouht a problem to our every solution Anthu, all good things come to an end - at last (from here its in English :P ) And you're back to your old excuse You wanna be jus ma friend ,like Whateva happen' between us was all false, pretention RUN!! aadhre sathyadinda hege nee ooduve? - u can run from me but how will u run from the truth? Mathe nee hindirugi nanna bali baruve! - u r gonna come back to me again Bandaru hege nee nannanu punahaa padeyuve? - even if u come back how will you win me back? Padedaru nee nanthara anthara neenage barisuve!! - even if u win me back, u urself wil create the gap between us again ABHIJITH KULKARNI: CHORUS Hani hani yalloo thumbide nanna preethi - ma love is embedded in every rain drop Kaanalaare devere ninna reethi - God im unable to figure out your ways Namballe naa ninna...nambale ee kanneraa - i shall not believe you...neither will i believe my tears Nambale naa thundadha nanna hrudayava! - i shall never believe my broken heart GUBBI: Moda kavichadanthagide prathi dina, prathi kshana - everyday, every moment seem so cloudy Dikkiladanthagide nanna ee thanu mana - my body and soul has become aimless Kaleduhogiruve ninna nennapu anno dhatta vanadalli...dalli - im lost in this thick forst by name "your memory" temme..whatchu got outta it? Left with not a bit of happiness..mess..yess Filled with so much of emptiness Aaadharu ninna mana ondhu dodda kallu bande - but still you are stone hearted Nennapideya nanna nodida modhala baari neeneandhe? - remember what you told me when u saw me for the first time? O MAN! aa nagu aa nachike naanu kande - i only saw that smile that shyness Arethe naa nantharave yenide adara hinde! - but only later i figured out what really lies behind it! filled with fake emotions using me was ur notion for ur self promotion magical eyes like potion ur abundant with excuses since ur the lie ocean n like a fool i kept ma self so open! so u could corrode ma mind and mess up its locomotion so temme how im able to lie to me that ur still a "part o me"? ABHIJITH KULKARNI: CHORUS Hani hani yalloo thumbide nanna preethi - ma love is embedded in ev

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