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Our attempt to give you two sides of our society. One which realises its mistake and wants to correct itself and the other which believes, money can buy anything. The Carnatic portion represents the first group of people and the rap portion, the second. The original poem, Eppo Varuvaro is by ‪‎Gopalakrishna Bharathiyar‬ Music composed and arranged by: GD Prasad Carnatic vocalist: Arun PJ Rap written and performed by: Gubbi Lyrics: Gubbi: I wake up every morning, not thinking, not givin a damn Not banned for what I do, I stand a brutal man Scam, bribe murder and a couple of rape charges When my money does the talking you know who the boss is? I can buy what I want, the masses, the ones on their knees, tryina please, begging "Please" Anything for money, its funny, cos i even bribe the Lord How do you think I made it this far? Arun PJ: eppOvaruvArO-enthan kalithIra-eppOvaruvArO seppiyathillai cithampara thEvan eppOvaruvArO-enthan kalithIra-eppOvaruvArO n-aRparuvam van-thu n-Athanaith thEdum kaRpanaikaL muRRak kAtchi than-thAn eppOvaruvArO Gubbi: Livin' not givin up powe, intoxicated at the bar No remorse, no sorry, when I sleep in the night no worries Frozen heart, but I buy my happiness Be it sex, be it bless, How else could I be cleaning the mess? I stay ruthless, nevertheless Arun PJ: bAlakirushNan pORRip paNin-thidumIsan mElE kAthal koNdEn veLippadakkANEn eppOvaruvArO Never the less ruthless, nevertheless (x4) #audio #carnatic #rap #rock #fusion #eppovaruvaro #‪‎GopalakrishnaBharathiyar‬ #ArunPJ #GDPrasadmusic #iamgubbi #GDPrasad

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