"Bleeding Fingers Contest"(Hans ZimmerContest) - Elven Destiny's Door (Part.2)

Published by Toni Torres

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My tracks for the contest :D https://www.twine.fm/signin https://www.twine.fm/signin https://www.twine.fm/signin Hello guys, i'm Toni again, this days thanks to the competition i learn something really beautiful from all of you, John Lennon said in Imagine "imagine there's no countries..." but this time i really felt the passion for the music, for the sounds, for the epic sounds, etc... people are uploading more than 1 track, are sharing, are doing comments, like we are the same "family" because we can understand what we did, what you did... somehow this is our country, the world, really beautiful see that. SORRY FOR THE WORDS BUT I HAD TO SAY :P About that track, i decided this week make new tracks, also i want to thank all of you and my friends that makes me be on the top 1 4 days and in the top 3 8 days :) also your beautiful comments, really appreciate. This track i used the percussion stem, the voice (i love it), the electro track and the flutes, what i wanted?? this time another kind of feeling, but in the same direction of an epic background is that's why i used again "Elven" sounds, but i wanted to imagine (thanks all of you) our world without wars, it seems crazy that in 2014 still we have to fight, somehow because i'm really bad writing so i tried making in music. Starts bit sad, but "with the little help" of our friends something can become different and better (always "getting better all the time"). Also my last words and the main of my inspiration: The Beatles Forever #audio #hans zimmer #bleeding #fingers #contest #contest #epic #fantasy #scores #film #scoring #film #scores #hollywood #bollywood #anime #japan #tokyo #Beatles #paul #mccartney #lennon #john #lennon #George #Harrison #Ringo #Starr

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