Es - For The Loot ( Je$u$, cuts by DJ Mercilless)

Published by Es

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Money is the root of all evil. "Kids will rob and kill for the loot/ young lives catch a really raw deal and that's the truth/ bright futures go up in the air life poof/ I got proof/. " Do what you need to do to support your family's needs, but down allow getting money to make you lose sight of what's important in this life. At the end of the day... "You can't take that money with you when you die..." This song is featured on the new album entitled "Aspire To Inspire". The full album is out RIGHT NOW!! on $3 digital download. $5 hard copy purchase. Your generous support is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Much love!! Lyrics: From knocking on heaven's door to bell chiming on hell's gate The devil dangled forbidden fruit those destined for hell ate The weakness of man...weakened by glam and the superficial Conceivably damned, repeatedly scammed to pursue the issue Of success by excess, it's more than dollars and cents Man, it's a sense of belonging when you long for success By any means necessary justified by the ends Friends turn to foes and pretend...hence the time to make amends It all depends on the can turn loyal into pretender Really... ain't no telling where you can end up Enslaved by the currency, chasing paper with urgency Searching for ways, submerging the pain for the gains certainly That soul's momentarily solely a sole memory Sold for gold, the goal for souls with no sensory ...Vision, that of a tunnel, with periphary blindspots But life is an open road holmes you blissfully mind locked Hook: For the loot, of the evils that men do One of many dividers making people resentful Some people will go to hell and back to grip on a dollar bill Soul's entrenched by the notion but a lot of it's ill- Conceived...believing in salvation from currency The single highest contributor to sins done currently The weakness of man, weakness of woman go hand in hand Inferiority complex not a part of the plan Victimized by the lies and corporate interests Ignorance is what supports their existence for instance That little boy with a perception that's blurred Single mother household, father figure's the curb Inspiration his favourite rapper busting gats and tools Packs to move...never cared to go to class or school The face of a generation trying to find themselves Lost in a matrix of information all by themselves Nowhere to turn...seems like every turn is a cliff Mind already manipulated by the burn of a spliff Or better yet these hooligans packing burners for chips Not concerned with the risk, not concerned the risk Hook (2x) 1. for the'll rob and kill...for the loot 2. Young lives catch a really raw deal and that's the truth 3. Bright futures go up in the air life poof 4. I got proof... Mo money, mo problems...yeah we've heard it before So instead of searching for scores, you ought to search for the Lord's Grace...caught up

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