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This song is about setting realistic goals and remaining focused and following your dreams. Sometimes we set unrealistic goals for ourselves and as a result we fall short on expectation. This is the 2nd single and title cut off the upcoming release of the same name "Aspire To Inspire". The full album is out RIGHT NOW!! on $3 digital download. $5 hard copy purchase. Your generous support is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Much love!! New video for this song out as well. Peep it here. - Lyrics: Verse 1: With goals and visions locked and moves are calculated No time to lose making moves that are makeshift See....thinking on the fly has got its limitations Success in life my kind of vindication Hope... mixed with a dream and the follow through like a golf swing The motto that I gotta ingrain in my offspring Too many princes grow up to be lost kings Green eyed bandits out for dollars to floss things Lacking direction and a purpose Based on a track record this model don't seem to be it's worthless It needs service...we see so many dreams don't ever seem to flourish (As) long as dreams remain practical no need to be discouraged ... cause in this life we live only death is certain Create a road map for your success before your curtains close Death is for certain bro, dreams.... I pursue with frequent flyer mileage Using inspiration as my pilot ...Cross continental reach, limits never peeked ...Success, within my fingers reach, I sniff it when I breath The measure of success is relative like blood related peeps In this game of play for keeps, I'm trying to win to say the least Driven... by the notion of uplifting my community Lifted at the hope that unity can one day prove to be Inspiring, for the beasts inside of life's lions den Inspire self, then inspire them... Verse 2: Sometimes I get blurry eyed...but the visions never lost Even if I start drifting off course Momentary set the devil trying to get you Just like the government...why you think you get taxed for booze?? It's a death trap you I'm guilty of the same Guzzling this poison...messing with my brain What I'm saying is assess the bigger picture and determine where you fit in Move accordingly without the politics in Glimpsing at that city skyline I'm already sky high off life I feel I'm winning, hands high like gimme 5 So many miles on inspirational planes (plains)...that's literal Sometimes the inspiration is pain...for lyricals Turning a negative to positive force Such a release like you popping a cork Inspiration's like the rock in the sport of football Move the chains and get a flock of support from team mates for a good call Inspiration comes in various forms So when it hits you let it get you to where you belong And where you belong is the place where the energy's strong And when the energy's stro

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“JMAC” Produce, Rap, Mix/Master Engineer @jmac77734 years ago

Great to hear music with a message! Definitely keep doin ya thing over there!


Es @HGmonsterEs4 years ago

@jmac7773 respect on the feedback bro. Greetings from Toronto, Canada. Salute!


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