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This is my "go-getters anthem". This is another of my inspirational / motivational cuts about pushing ahead, moving forward and not looking back while on the quest for success. "...Past indiscretions forgot 'em, I turned a new page...forward progress the goal, no stagnation..." Big shout out to Kiza Beats out of the Serbia for reaching out to me with this banger. Wheww!! Definitely wanted to keep this one raw. This joint is track 4 on my Aspire To Inspire album that's out right now on Support positive music. Support real music. Greatly appreciated. Salute! Lyrics: I wake up rejuvenated from a night's sleep Darkness dwindling and my skin is feeling slight heat Sunshine signals the start of a new day Past indiscretions...forgot 'em...I turned a new page Forward progress the goal, no stagnation Emancipate the mind to stay off of the plantation Liberating...deliberating, dropping my next groove Defibulating, my chest pumped plotting like chess moves Intense mood that I'm in when I'm focused on said tune Inject truth on the net to catch you buggin out like some web views ...The support of my peeps keeps me driven Even more by the scores of supporters endorsing my vision A source of pure adrenaline, obscure like cure medicine I am sharp as iron swords with mitre saw rhetoric Embrace victory trying not to dwell in it Walked through opportunity's door headfirst without a swell in it Remain humble despite the stumble to props and love Peeps got my back like palms from hugs I stay grateful and raise my arms above, gaze to my God above Take in the rays and the hot of the sun It's a new day fresh start, level the playing field Goal setting, go getting, concepts I make em real Fear of failure don't stop the move to be made I take the good with the bad and push on, Cause it's a new day So, you trying to tell me that I'm stuck in the past?... Sucker you stuck in the ass You industry conformist sucker you trash You won't last, I bust a gut at you kats I'm hiphop but what you loving is rap If I allowed.. every critic with a ribit ribit to croak in my ear I'd be a clone in this life without a hope and a prayer ...Don't get it twisted the focus is here, I be the dopest in here My plan's for you to take notice I'm here It's just human nature for those not in the know to criticize And for those that stay in the know to shed light to these eyes Yeah, I been wronged in the past, it made me stronger perhaps But mental flashbacks rekindle my wrath As a kid I was tagged as least likely to succeed So I guess that proving them wrong is what I'd like to achieve Passion and fight's what I bleed in this life that I lead As long as I got a stranglehold on this life I can breathe Each day's my ground zero that I'm building from the ground up Weight of the world on my shoulders I get my pounds up No pain no gain, every mistake that I make's A lesson learned on this quest to be great Without a mistake, tha

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Lee'Anthony Campbell @DJxPUrG34 years ago

Nice sound. I like it!


LBH Dezines Art @artlbh4 years ago

Well seasoned!


Da Squad Stj Ent 617 @STJ3NT4 years ago

nice i like this and its very creative i feel you on this


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