Never Satisfied - HalfPoint Ft. King Dion, Trey80 & Smurf Lurkinz (Prod. By @HalfPoint1354)

Published by HalfPoint

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[Hook: Smurf Lurkinz] They said I'm never satisfied So I'm gon' keep on Motivating myself to ride I'm never Satisfied So I'm gon' keep on Motivating myself to ride [Verse 1: HalfPoint] Doing my thing so nonchalant I kind of feel lethargic But my thoughts are nomadic So there's no need to panic I think that I can manage But every time that I make a song I'm never satisfied and I can't stand it So I keep on working Stay flowing like the ocean Mysterious I don't really see the fog clearing up From here So it's One time for the fun time Twice just to live life Third time is the charm But I don't wish that I lived that life I'll never stop working And no more beats from YouTube No more beats from YouTube No more beats from YouTube I made this song from nothing But to me, oh that's nothing I'm never satisfied and that's the end of discussion [Verse 2: King Dion] If you wanna know Why they call me the king Just hold up Wait watch and see I am never satisfied 'bout what I see No not in me Knowing I can do better It just makes me want to work harder Coming for the top ain't never been easy My top down and you know I'm driving speedy Niggas say they the best I am not impressed Want to talk shit nigga be my guest But how you the best when I'm still here? Hit after hit You ain't no where near I done broke every record that ain't never been broke I done broke every record but I never been broke King Dion is yo' big daddy These hoes is pacified Don't be mesmerized This ain't nothing This ain't nothing Cause I still ain't satisfied nope Give it to 'em [Hook: Smurf Lurkinz] [Verse 3: Trey80] Ruthless how I spit the word Prefix to the noun and verb Chiefing always toking herb Eating feeling so absurd Observe me as you get the bird Cause people want people to feel what they do Jump from the roof and then land with a boom Pushing it hard Until we end in a tomb Lets go little bro Kinfolk with the big fro' Little asshole Never learned a thing Stuck studying the ass though Passed notes Now I flipped my tassel All grown up So I'm worried about my cash flow Down for the ride where they at when I crash though? Head on collision From blurring my vision A real quick decision Gambling between Hitting or missing The grass is pretty high How the fuck can't you hear the snakes hissing? Not contempt just having a pot to pissing Or cuddling and kissing Never satisfied Just trynna get you to listen [Hook: Smurf Lurkinz] [Verse 4: Smurf Lurkinz] Its your bro Smurf Lurkinz man Came back to back With a track that was popping hot Motivated many through this music with this microphone Plus its been many times I wanted to put it down and leave it all alone Too many people coming by house and shit Inboxing me on facebook And telling me don't quit Everything from the past Told from this pen I pimp Project it down on paper another problem I can flip Like a half a whole Coming fresh off the block But these lyrics I hold Coming fresh off the plot Just like checks I cash Coming fresh o

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