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“In our culture we have such respect for musical instruments, they are like part of God.”

Ravi Shankar

What up world? Hope this found you well. I’m Hannz. I love EDM Musik of all types, and your going to hear a lot of different styles and representations on my profile. I’m not perfect by any means at all, but I’m working on my craft daily to get better. I’m open to your advice and input as well. So give me a shot out! If you’ve got a track you want me to listen to, shoot me a message and I’ll return the same favor for you!

In the meantime, keep living, keep smiling and KEEP DANCING!!!


Software I use: FL Studio (lifetime upgrades! :)) Check my affiliate link for a discount!

Also have: M-Audio Fast track for midi and vocal recordings as well as a RODE condenser mic. Also have one VOX AC4C1 amp as well as a Roland Cube 30x w/fx, and one Ibanez Artcore AF105F

Updates to the rig:
Ipad, Novation Seq, Holy Grail Reverb Pedal

Believe it or not, as of now I am not sporting any studio monitors… It makes mastering tough, as I have to use my headphones and cpu speakers to get a decent mix. That and my 2014 Sentra SR… but that will be changing soon!