Don't Leave Me

Published by Happenstance

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Lyrics: Used to be I thought allegiances would last forever We had a dream of one day founding our own record label It was impossible to put in work consistently We recorded in the kitchen, laid the mic on top the table We didn't get much attention, but what did they know We put it on youtube and every day we saw the gain of Nothing really, we weren't disappointed though Operated in a way that we only know Graduated before our passion burned out to ashes Ya I know we weren't the best behaved of classes Some of us fell victim to our hormones as I found out I wonder how some of em are doing, right about now I've seen kids cry when they lose a friend And I know how it feels, I've lost whole towns of them Friends wrote goodbye, put drawings on a page Gave me 30 pages on the day I left on the plane Sent them emails detailing life abroad But they got shorter until I didn't send them at all And a few years ago I showed up at their high school But I didn't recognize a single face in the crowd And I don't think they recognized me either only thing Showing was my eyes, it was 15 degrees and snowing outside And that's about -10 degrees for you guys At where I'm from, my voice some of you might recognize Don't leave me again Don't leave me again Don't leave me again Don't leave me again They say pretend friends won't be there in the end Does that mean those I left were never true to begin? Too many mistakes that I'm sure to regret But never really a threat to family and friends Probably won't see you again Caused by a series of unfortunate events We were simply ordinary men Wanna be's in the playground like we owned the place Had our game that we played every day Me the closer, you the ace, and a slugger in the midst I still recall the one time we used our fists Fought over a insignificant stupid thing And I said if this is what tears us apart then I don't even want it You can have it but I hope we can forget And I'm glad that we could maintain our relationship I'll miss all this foolishness that surrounded us kids Since then I've moved on and I guess you have too Next 5 years I spent in 5 different schools Hate saying goodbye, but I've walked in those shoes too In a world where things go bad over one loose screw Shed a tear for a brother, raise a glass or two Everyday a tug of war, tragic and laughing moods Mourn the loss but celebrate whatever happy news So don't be drinking away sadness every afternoon. Alright? Don't leave me again Don't leave me again Don't leave me again Don't leave me again You are my sunshine that I see sometimes I live without you most my days You'll never know dear how much I'll miss you And I plead you don't go away The other night dear, when I lay sleeping I dreamed I held you in my arms When I awoke dear, I was mistaken So I hung my head and I cried #audio #Happenstance #Happenstance #Dont #Leave #Me #Sophomore

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