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Washington, United States
Last online: 12 months ago

A group created with a “play on words” by 3 group of friends that go by the name of Emmjay, King, and Skilo. Shoutout to Dave Chappelle and his Player Haters Ball skit for the inspiration (Season 1 Ep. 109). We currently live in a society where many people are afraid to say what they really feel about certain subjects. One of the reasons is people are labeled as a “hater” if their opinion differs from the majority. Here at Hategang, we believe in embracing the hate. Our opinion is going to be our opinion and that is the end of the story. You call us a hater because we don’t like something you like. Cool, now what? We just want common sense to be cool again and this is a small step to achieve that. You can listen to the group members once or twice a month on our podcast/vlog. We will discuss/debate/argue about some of the hot topics in society such as music, situationships (is that a word?), and trends that need to end. Embrace the hate.
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