Vaze Haze - sss1-#TheComeUp2014

Published by Vaze Haze

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SSS1 Lyrics: Getting decapitated like Harshal, Jumping Hurdles like humans trying to fight aliens like Hercule, Vaze got murder for like tendencies but his bitches titties itty bitty no kush to squeeze, barging in like Marge Simpson catching Bart jacking off, no Russian when its pleasure like Markov, we a pack of pagan lolly gagging savage bastards on magic shrooms near the creak, if they fuck boys are near they probably Greek, and if they god body there they probably Sikh, if they dont talk, your death is what they probably seek,vibing to the beat such a superstition with no stition, but some stitching, mortician piling victims, while we sharpen our teeth, dont nobody fuck with them(dont no body fuck with them)hawking phlegm, sim studded like a gem in the gym, or a pig in the pen. we carry tzars for the whim, triskele reactivate haile selassie upon the eye diner dine bullshit to the thigh supplied rigor mortis for you using pride. im despised i tried, such an empty lie, im famed like a strain that gave Peter Parker super powers turning men into cowards from flopping like flounder, showered in riches magik carpet ride to that gyrgross searching perfection, a weapon is all i need for destruction my protection is latex in your bitches bank invested, for that sperm , your bitch my sperm bank, all i make is deposits a withdrawal is what you nerds think, SSS triple S like a red dot on my mistress, i wrapped up in a box and bow like a present for a princess, my only interest are pinned to pintrest that i pin on bitches who suck and swallow for forgiveness, i dont want your digits unless your digits are on my midget, licking like a pistol humming to my load, ejecting a clip is leaving bitch without a kiss from a prince but a toad, #audio #TheComeUp2014

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