World Is Wild (prod. bryZone_ybp)

Published by Vaze Haze

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For an Animated video: a kid in a church runs into a priest who tells him to leaves then explains why he came into the church for safety and explains whats he has been seeing and hearing outside. as people are killing each other, stealing from stores, women being raped with their babies present, her money taken, and a hobo fucking her dead body, He explains a person getting beat to death, and gangs of prostitutes bopping off men in the street, while those same niggas go to church with his mother, who is being transformed by the culture by the words of the preacher who is fucking her, while outside people are killing eachother as people who kill are shot in the back, as young boys watch and repeat the habits, showing images of the devil wrapped around their minds, holding their cross while dead bodies are devoured by moths, and in the dark of night a butcher cuts up the bodies at a deli, while at the same time a mans life support plug is pulled and some boys pull the spark plugs out a car, and stick up a guy and his wife and make the wife who screams suck them offf, and escape to another block, where they open fire upon a news crew in a block full of kids playing, as the kids die outside a gang of men take turns with a drugged out female in a upper apartment. he looks down at a condom, while the girl they drugged suddenly stabs him in the neck, as outside police arrive, as a mob combats them, they are throwing gas with a canine unit, as a gang banger with a faceless expression says fuck it and runs out to die. meanwhile a drug dealer with a horses head in a box next to all his drugs on a table with naked bitches bagging up the drugs for him, rolls a bluns and is shot in the chest as his spot is raided by DA and blood drips from his chest , and the cable crews carry guns outside to protect themselves so they can show the good parts on television and not the crazy shit. while the kid from the church watches his house be raided and father bleed out on their carpet. The priest takes his hand and leads him with a smile toward a back room where other frightend children are, as the scene moves down the boy notices the priest has an erection, as the camera zooms out of the church to show a city gone mad, as fissures open up and people fall in and demons fly above. - WORLD IS WILD #audio #vaze haze #bryZoneybp #Hip #Hop #Rap #blues #SSS

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