Musicology 1 (Original Mix)

Published by Lungelo Mtshali


So here's the basic idea behind the track.. As a mission to fuse the seemingly most unrelated ethno music styles, I had to delve into understanding the rhythmic norms of different cultures. So this is the breakdown: You will notice the unmistakable intro with Kenyan rhythmia of the bells and Japanese plucks to assist, in common Asian rhythimia. Keeping true to my soulful identity, the distorted rhodes chords now follow. After enters the drum set in funk Jazz rhythmia(not my best work but forgive me for trying something new. The underlying solo on keyboard and 90's church organ is a South African thing. In the background at around 5:40 the trained ear should hear more of the African rhythmia on striking of what sounds like a bell. Around 6:00 thats where the typical electronic synth leads come in (there has to be some western culture in there too!) and closing off with the continuation of the African rhythmia described in 5:40 So there's the theory behind the track... Enjoy, share, like, download! #audio #Ethnomusicology African Eastern Western Soulful

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