Forgive, Forget

Published by Hoverfly (Dave Conti)

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This song, was basically a coming-to-terms for me. I was feeling very depressed and regretful of things I have done and said. Making this song made me come to a realization. This song carries a message. Don't live in the past. Move on, make better choices in the present so you can have a better future. It gets better. The meaning of the album art, which I also made, is twofold. The original picture was a waterfall. Waterfalls only flow forwards and never backwards. This could mean that people also need to move forward and flow smoothly, there is no use going back. I also cried once while I was working on this. I've had friends tell me this has to be one of the most beautiful, emotional songs I have made thus far. I hope you enjoy it. #audio #Electronic #Chill #Forgive #Forget #Hoverfly

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