Minnesota - Airships [HullabaloO remiX]

Published by Andrew Bryant

  • 1 credits

I had a lot of fun doing this remix. I admire Minnesota's structure and harmony. He has great phrasing! That being said, I didn't change any of his structure but found that his intro was a little bland and his "drop" didn't really deliver. Most of what I did was play a keyboard solo that fit with the two alternating major 7th chords. I found that Fm Dorian and Ab mixolydian were the two scales that worked well over the two chords. Next, I used my favorite massive patch that I mostly created tweaking and modulating the massive preset "Rockin' and Burnin" (it's hardly recognizable). Played around with the performer until I got some cool syncopation. Layered a recording of chains routed through the bass synth with a vocoder to add that extra texture and than started to automate the format knob to get some cool harmonic, laser-type effects. Balanced it to audio; sliced, diced, chopped and seasoned the stem with other audio effects and automation. Enjoy :D #audio #Glitch Hop #Bryant #HullabaloO #Minnesota #Airships #Remix #Contest #170 #Bpm

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