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Johannesburg, South Africa
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Hurricane Ceasar – Jonathan Van Der Haer born in #Johannesburg dropped his first #Mixtape in #2012 called #GotKicks he then dropped his next one in #2013. He is a #rapper #producer #composer #engineer and #singer

Born in Johannesburg, this young rapper is full of that Urban confidence living by the saying “In order to be the greatest you have to believe you are the greatest”.
His stage name “Hurricane Ceasar” is an escape for him “When I’m Hurricane Ceasar I feel like I can be anyone, I might feel like a doctor and rap about how diseased the world is or I can be a therapist and rap about the people in my life”.
Originally a member of the rap group Looney Pizzaz, the young rapper tends to work on his own claiming that “We are a group, I guess, but we are more like a group of solo artists who can call on eachother when the need arises”
The young musician considers himself a go getter so when he started out having no producers or beatmakers to work with he took it upon himself to learn to do it himself, in the process teaching himself how to mix and master songs as well.
He has worked with many underground artists namely, Solidgroundz (Looney Pizzaz), Syco, Zinnycated (Entlek Fam), The Infamous Milkshake, Saego, Bladen and Lyrical Homocide (Dirty Lee and Freaky T). The rapper was also the excutive producer for the Lycal Homocide mixtape, Lights Out, fitting into the group as if he was one of the members. “With LH its like we’ve known eachother for years. I get their musical direction and we function like a well oiled team. I have tons of respect for them”.
With his own music he seems extremely flexible, never sticking to the creed of most rappers easily switching between a fluffy love song to a hard street style on the same verse. Influenced by the likes of Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye West and Biggie Smalls, we should definitely expect great things from this young musician.

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