MEAN MistaShine Remix SBOE

Published by Hypothermic Weather

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Yeah (that Shine Mean)x2 dont forget about my team recognize im K G bring it back like OG (solo but not Lonely) x2 this is for them hatas that thinkin that they know me!! its been awhile you still dissen sending shots you still missin/ ohh your supposed to kill me (haa) guess what im still livin/ oooh i need some beef got yo bitch up in my kitchen/ still do what i do fuck if your boi not forgivin/ always ready in position yea ya boi shine i glisten/ keep the flow comin like a broken faucet drippin/ its you that im not feelin but you still make propostions/ if you really want me you can find me out in mission/ on a mission gettin paper gettin money fuck a hater/ always on the grind for the meantime gettin greater/ bombin like some redbull if i mix it up wit Jager/ if yu want to feel some danger you can meet a cple strangers/ cuz my click mean no syrup but ill make ya lean/ livin in a nightmare well im following my dream/ im (representing Kg) x2 you aint the only one with a magazine and i ayne talkin TMZ!! #audio #KOLDGANG #SOLO #MistaShine #New #2014 #Hypothermic #Rap #Hit #HIPHOP

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