Was I Just Your Comedown Green Tea

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I sure look pretty fucking content for a selfish little shit that was terrified of how I'd feel when the sun came up. This is four years old; this has survived numerous versions, several PC reimages, and my friendship with two people I loved dearly and a human I almost loved to death. This song is about me, this song is about a cat that took my friends and love away after it was pulled from me still clawing at my eyes and mesolimbic pathway. This song is for someone that loved me, for someone that will never love me; this song is for something I know like my head and can't put my finger on. The lyrics eventually worked their way into Tyrone Street on Winter Moth. They've played in my head for over 48 months and counting. Lyrics: Am I stuck under a lost sea Just another helpful fig tree Helped you stand when you hit debris Was I just your comedown green tea Can I swim into a new sea Open this door with my own key I think I'm dead to a degree Was I just your comedown green tea I've felt anxious, waning spent moons Nights under a thousand balloons Dry heaving and out of drugs We shared anxious, fake half-hugs Am I just the space between more Sex, self-loathing, and the door I swear I'm dead to a degree Was I just your comedown green tea? #audio #Throw Back Tune Up #Electronic #Experimental #Screaming #I #Will #Always #Love #You #Until #The #Sun #Comes #Up

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