Dexter Brandon - Vs The World (I'm From Finland Vocal Edit)

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This beat from my man @DexterBrandon inspired me enough to lay a few words on it... So here's me getting real for a minute... Lyrics : Man, music is weird, Music is love, Music is power and my music I’m proud of. The simple fact that I can put my feelings in it, That it feels good enough, that I can talk to you about it, That my words may even touch you, or your dad, or your mom, That maybe because of my art, who knows I might even get some. That I might even fall in love again (but with someone that deserves it this time). All of this makes me think that maybe, just maybe it’s not just gonna be me, me Vs the world. I mean, you were looking at me like I was just a buffoon, just a goon, playing with words with no scheme, no plan to make it out in the world. It used to be you and me.... Now it’s just me. I used to feel like I was part of a team, part of more than the reckless dreams of a teen. But It’s alright though, cause I got the music, I got the means, I got the skills. I got no doubt on the fact that things will get better for me. But until then I guess it’s me, me Vs the world. #audio #Relationships

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