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Indigo Saint (formerly Saint Psychedelic) is the moniker for 24 year old hip hop artist, Mzwakhiwe Ngwenya. He was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where his love for Hip Hop began.

In 2011 he schooled at the University of Pretoria where he was exposed to ciphers that were hosted by O.T.I. (Only The Illest). From these ciphers, the Emcee in him was nurtured. Those inspired his early works, Saintified, 47th Saint Street, MCMXC and most recently, MCMXCi : The Episodes Of Chill.

Indigo Saint’s sounds are comprised of semi heavy tones of Trap and Chill hop and in the odd case, a fusion of both. He is the pioneer of a new sound he calls, “Blue Age Trap.”

Currently, he is working on a series of EPs, that will be released before the year end.

“Observe self. Cav’ self. Know yourself.”

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