I'm Dreaming

Published by Michael Lancaster

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Song i made for my friends and fans and anyone dealing with hard times. I will add more to this song later on. Lyrics are as followed I'm Dreaming Of a place where i don't feel so cold and alone Where i can be accepted for the love that i've shown Back to a simpler time in the ancient history, back when my life wasn't full of Misery. Sitting around playing my old Nintendo, living and loving life and taking it nice and slow. But i can't not matter how hard i try, i should have already kissed my past good bye, Living life sometimes is like a nightmare, But i want to let you know theres always someone right there. I don't know what you may be going through, but i know that pain your feeling and dealing with is nothing thats new. You get thrown down your heart becomes shattered, your will gets broken your body becomes battered. And you already feel frail and weak, it's okay i understand if you cry yourself to sleep. Yeah, pain is nothing new to me. I take everything i've went through, and i turn it into music for you. I know what its like to live in a world full of hate Where you're the pinnacle of everyone's wicked debates, where not many give a fuck what you say. Because they don't care about the decisions they made. Being judged because of your traumatic depression, Being told suck it up in public, because you've already dealt with enough shit so you want to just say fuck it, but you cant... because you got to make that good impression at your job interview, and now living is like asking for some respect that's long over do. And you try and try just to make it by in life, the struggle is real as the voice telling you everythings going to be alright. Can you hear me? #audio #Hip Hop #Rap #Im #Dreaming #Struggle #Hardships #Times #Depression #Inspiration #Me

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