This Is My Life

Published by Michael Lancaster

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This is my life. Insydnis What time is it? Really?....It's already 7am?... ....Seriously? I swear it felt like thirty minutes! Shit, i haven't eaten anything in a while either.. I've been working on this song all night.. Trying to finish it... I need to focus. Alright let's do this. Sleeping during the day and i'm up in the night. Feeling the illuminating glow of my ambition's light. i love the music that i make, because it helps me every step of the way And even though i'm tired as fuck from staying up, up up, so late. You can feel the love i have for my creations in each beat and in what i say. It's my musician thing it's my musician's way. It's like breathing life into something wonderful that won't ever end. Like a happy memory. Something that you can put on replay, and then watch as the worries melt away. A melody to keep your mind off of yesterday. The bad sides, and even the thoughts of suicide. Sometimes i can handle my life usually, but then things start getting to me. Something either goes wrong, or people are pissing me off Wishing and hoping that it stops. Only here and in the now, is the answer as my drop comes about. Here me out as i say, this is how i survive my days. Yeah, this is my life, this is mine, right in the midst of my bassline Earbuds in volume up, i no longer give a fuck. Things always going wrong and making me upset. But in the end i know i'm giving it my best. Living life can sometimes get hard, and we become so caught up, leaving us with scars wondering where we are. Here i am sitting here drinking a can of dr pepper, just working at this song as i make it better. Never did much in life that i can be proud of Always being put through situations that were rough. And always in the end were the things by my side. My best friends, and fans, and these melodies that haunt my thoughts at night And this is another peice of me i want to share to the world. I'm still staying chill like a Dj's record twirl. Take me to a special place, where no one is around. Back to that particular realm filled with a particular sound I want to vanish without a trace I want to be stuck somewhere between paradise and bass. I'm a musician magician, no fishing for compliments. But every time inspiration hits you bet your ass i'm on top of it. I make my music with my own passion and desire, make melodies so hot they're on fire as they come through your speaker wire. And with a snare and clap i can bring it back to what it used to be. R.A.P. Rhymes and poetry. Some call me The Wizard of our Time, i'm the encore of my own Spell bind. My name is Insydnis, so witness a new creation in my own generation with my fans appreciation. Yeah, this is my life, this is mine, right in the midst of my bassline Yeah, this is my life. This is mine, right in the midst of my bassline. Yeah, this is my life. This is mine, right in the midst of my bassline. Earbuds in, volume up, i no longer give a fuck word up. #aud

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