2nd Round Draft Pikc [Prod by Killing Spree]

Published by Ish1da

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*cough* Lyrics: 16 Rappers and this dude Killing Spree/ Think it's just coincidence that this holds 17/ I'm hungry in this game, but my name ain't Everdeen/ Have tha carpet in ya crib lookin like I spilled grenadine/ Ish Hussein, He brought bomb, he brought steel/ Bout to turn this competition to Akame Ga Kill/ First tha salt it got real, then tha bodies got peeled/ Just a god spittin flames call me Kami Dragneel/ KC firefighter straight napalmin tha lobby/ Standin right outside tha window cuz I'm bout to catch a body/ Start some drama with tha llama then I'm rowdy with tha shotty/ Shine tha beam on top 3 but I ain't illuminati/ Just a bro in tha bar sendin shots at senoritas/ Chokin Kryciz til his eyes look like an actual Uchihas/ Steal Grace from Sacramento, then I drag him out to Vegas/ On Flamingo and Koval bout to kill another Genius/ Then I'm dispatchin of tha pump/ Catch Shiki at tha Loli Con and stuff him in tha trunk/ Say I'm sorry bout this fam, I'm just stressed cuz my rent high/ Then ride around for days bumpin my version of Senpai/ Now my car smell like a dead guy/ Torch it, breath tha fumes, til I get a fukn head high/ Then I get a head rush, and reload these K's/ End ya fukn tournament with an OTK/ #audio #Hip Hop #Killing #Spree #Kill #em #all

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