Cannon Pt. II [Prod by Desired]

Published by Ish1da

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Produced by Chekc out tha original Cannon at H.Y.D.R.A EP Coming soon Lyrics: Yo, it's tha oddity, tha prodigy, Hip Hop Socrates/ Legend in tha makin cuz remembereds what I gotta be/ Runnin from Dahaka wit dat Vokka in my artery/ Put tha choppa on ya noggin, guess it's just tha Mod in me/ Faggot, fukc whatever you wanted to go to war for/ Write it in ya blood in tha highest hall of Mordor/ This is not horrorcore, this is Murder Muzik/ Like tha first F.A.T gat that never made it out tha toolkit/ Half pastor at tha pulpit, half merc wit a machete/ Dance tha dagger and tha dirk until it turn ya to spaghetti/ I know just how Kaj felt! When he said he sikc and tired/ I'm in tha pit wit tha fire where tha scriptures are sired/ Music my main medicine, couldn't replace it if I tried/ If I gotta die for recognition, I won't make it out alive/ Midwest Maniac, Manson in tha flesh/ Dancin with death til I'm rancid in a chest/ I heard all your mixtapes, I never was impressed/ I put tha special beam cannon through ya mothafukcin chest/ like... I never knew where tha anger came from/ But it's been wit me since day one, rage spun/ Outta control, til my soul, break son/ Lookin for a rapper who can rival, ain't none/ When I lay bars, son, I'm somethin to watch/ I'd rather die from gun shots than punchin a clokc/ I'd rather die in a cell, a dungeon, a box/ Then be another nobody with nothin that knokcs/ Like a slug in a glokc, I'm just waitin in tha chamber/ Beg for Satan to save ya or tha babe in tha manger/ No demon or angel, could convince me to stop/ NOT YOU! NOT YOU! Not my mom or my pops/ I could really give a damn bout tha top of tha pops/ I'd rather seep in ya mind and leave a mark in ya hearts/ So open up tha door, or I'm bustin in tha place/ To put tha special beam cannon through ya mothafukn face/ like... #audio #Hip Hop #FAT #Moderators

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