On God... [Prod By Grizzly FOG] #FOGComp

Published by Ish1da

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For tha competition being held by https://www.twine.fm/signin Lyrics: On God I'm comin, to tha summit straight outta slummin/ Got a centurion of bullets in that mothafukcin drum and/ On God It's over, Straight dope is my aroma/ End all you with a Nova, last soldier of Jehova/ On God Last time I spectated, this time you gettin decimated/ Bars still debated by tha educated that's why I'm most anticipated/ All yo gangsta shit came out a movie, I still got homies in these streets wit tha uzi/ Still feel like I'm watchin Sailor Moon, cuz you rappers still pussy/ Vocalize verbose verbage, very violent villified verses/ I'm hangin wit holy hermits, haranguing hoes into holey hearses/ My music moisten yo main missy, puny peons poutin pissy/ Daily, devils doubt and diss me, wit dat bullshit homie, miss me/ On God Killin rappers is like sex to me, til tha death o me, that's tha recipe/ Bars burn like cigarettes in a gang of misfits, cuz I keep my real homies next to me/ While I's a child I floated down tha Nile, in a basket with nothin but a bible and rifle/ Rile with my title, you must be suicidal, when I fire I'm only hittin organs that are vital/ These rappers call theyselves God, like they blind to tha facts/ When they look God in his eyes a look of sheer terrors how they react/ On top of tha game and under tha ground, On top of tha throne and under tha crown/ Cop tha top of tha crop grown under wop a with a thunderous sound, just under a pound/ My raps is like a box of matches, like boxin practice with John Tha Baptist/ I'm blessin rappers with these right hooks, when I write hooks it's like comets smashin/ Into tha side of tha planet, you all died in a panic, your souls never rose, in tha darkness banished/ It's like karma's settin, inject hearts with venom, it's like armageddon and I'm armed to damage/ Tha legendary layer of linguistics, tha master mage foretold by Mystics/ Just a saiyan slayin Satan and I'm bang bang bangin with tha biscuit/ You hekclers never halted my hustle, catch a mothafukcin knukcle to tha fukn nekc muscle/ My bitch'll rek, and squirt, she wet, and leave a pussy straight lyin in a puddle/ Like revelations to these peasants hatin, bring your strongest warrior, witness tha death of greatness/ I'm at tha head of my clan with a pen in my hand and tha end of tha lands is our destination/ So walk with me as I etch my name in tha hallways of history/ Witnessed tha wars of tha weak, and tha more that they speak, I see that nonsense ain't shit to me/ If you lakcin then I lacerate, wanna kill me then you have to wait/ Cuz I'm busy buryin these bitches in they bedrooms where they masturbate/ So detonate and I'll levitate and live again like Lazarus/ I ain't even scared of no demons lair, cuz my best friend is from Nazareth/ So long live tha king of tha strongest regime/ Tha only way that you will win this is if God intervene/ I will take your head and put that with my notepad in my bookbag/ If you think that I am playin,

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