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Glasgow, United Kingdom
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    uniE608 Angel On My Left, Demon On My Right Prod. Bearded Skull
    uniE608 Everybody Leaves, Guess It Must be autumn.
    uniE608 Joey Bada$$ - Land Of The Free ($HVRP Remix)
    uniE608 Kanye West - Hell Of A Life ($HVRP Remix)
    uniE608 Omen Ft. J. Cole - Caged Bird ($HVRP Remix)
    uniE608 Tupac Shakur - Baby Don't Cry ($HVRP Remix)
    uniE608 SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD - Take A Step Back ($HVRP Remix)
    uniE608 Tupac Shakur - I Ain't Mad At'Cha ($HVRP Remix)