stars (prod. Rhakim Ali)

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lyrics this ain't for charity, my clarity is present while i proceed don't physically know God, but i know that he knows me i'm from a place where all the rappers are some phonies please tell me where ya lyrics at, better yet show me spitting too much to the point where i'm hocking loogies ya high off doobies, writtens running off the loose leaf i'm not a surfer, or a blader, or a skater, but i got the rocket power to murder all of these shoobies and if you not a 90's kid, you wouldn't understand i'm tryna stretch these rubber bands, put bucks in my hands ya don't want the lightning, ya shaky enough from the thunder man not a pacifist, cuz i'll pass a fist & punch a man making sure my pencil's on point before i start to grip and if it's dull, my mind will always sharpen it cuz i'm the type to write the lyrics that are hard to get an artist who is lost in his craft, another problem kid they telling me to stop, i don't know what the problem is they scared i might grip the rap game by the cartilage this ain't no game, boy stop with all the cartridges he only 16, ya raps don't compare to Rhakim's he gonna take ya niggas on another odyssey, won't be odd to see him kill the track for all eyes to see cuz we doing what comes naturally spitting the factual, actually for the actors, see? Hook: sky's never the limit, beyond that i can see the stars rap game, here i come, i'm tryna be with ya (x2) #audio #Hip Hop

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