high eyes (prod. Tuamie)

Published by JAYTASTIC

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Lyrics: wise guy with high eyes, high tides, raging waters not caging my thoughts, I got the right mind I'm really tired of just chilling on the sidelines while the wrong niggas get the limelight, plus their rhymes bite put my soul into these words, and call 'em lifelines JAYTASTIC not the best, you just told the biggest white lie green beast of the leaves like I'm Might Guy these niggas is my sons, guess I'm Might Duy, that's right I'm just generous to all the niggas who doubted, an L in (Ellen) ya hand while I say "fuck ya'll degenerates" (DeGeneres) the main nemesis popping up on the premises trying something new, the new Genesis sentences in case you listening, the bars contain the knowledge one of few artists spitting arsen, proceed with caution most mainstream niggas, ya neck be hurtin spitting the worst shit, all ya doing is just licking each other's cock tips you would think the same sound is redundant and these niggas wouldn't bump it, but like McDonald's they be loving it back to the future, I'm McFly when I be hovering blasting off in the subtle winds with my brethren it's so unsettling when I spray clips like a gat should tilt the earth and light it in my hand just like a Backwood #audio #Hiphop Rap

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