Tristate Mode Freestyle

Published by JCJ

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Remix to I'm good Tristate Mode Freestyle throw the ball up in the air its tip up they just lost at what cost go into that matter least mode go into that deceased mode I’m only in the east mode if we wanna break it down more strictly maybe Tristate get rid of Connecticut New jersey and NY I don’t try I’m that guy I am just too fly like I been to high like I been ripping it up before I come in the studio I don’t understand what the hell you gonna try and say doesn’t make a difference anyway you just all gotta pay for the verses I be putting on display I’m sick of this shit now there saying its cliché ah ah not today all the girls they wanna say oh we knew him when he gets famous maybe he’ll be the next em how many times we gotta go over this again I’m myself and I’m gonna be me till the end this is not pretend I’m talking about top shelf and that’s what I’m about to be model of consistently when they look at me you just wanna be by me and I understand but you gotta abide by a few rules don’t mess around otherwise I’ll drown you in a few pools and I got more than a few jewels but disregard the bling it ain’t really a thing I understand I’m about to chop of all your wings strongest Bird in the game Larry bird that’s my name talking about the Celtics and the Irish and the green turnup team I love that supreme this is just a dream everyone else I don’t get what they mean he so mean this game ain’t about being nice I got no sympathy for anyone so I’m not gonna say it twice I’m cooking that shit up like rice and I got the beef and the chicken you chicken you dippin' I understand why my group has you all out on standby I don’t even get why you bother to be in the same vicinity say some prayers holy trinity no religious figures or church I’m to busy with the purp I’m to busy flexin' like I am the hulk in the freaking rope I’m the main attraction in every park we be going hard after dark kill the night scene like a shark everybody knows that now I wanna arc cuz I got her arching in the bedroom so make room you’re a groom all I do is get rid of all the people with a broom cuz that’s how easy it is to dust them off thrust off rust them off like some rusty tires your bullshit has expired really gonna try me now I be getting wired electric gadgets video games and I got so much shame shambles its a little bit wrecked but I got so many different subjects like how I’m about to be the next one up in here you really think this is just the premiere I’ve killed over 100 songs this year maybe no ones even heard them yet but you understand that you will still be hurting yet like she still be twerking yet even if she had sex with her husband I still be on it anyway I’m doing that shit everyday I’m going hard I’m about to be big like Hardaway JR but I am a senior I am a leader and I will run us all the way to the end of the game #audio #JCJ #Freestyle #remix #HipHop #fadedanddedicated #LilWayne #Imgood

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