Julio Fest 2014 (Jerry DISS)

Published by JCJ

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only hard times make me toughen no lovin' music hot fresh out the oven don’t put on gloves lose your hands leaves me free take your bands say it comes cheaper by the dozen so I grab 12 stacks smoke up 12 bowl packs drink up 12 whole packs what exactly am I referring to who is this occurring too lets get to the even that has me bent 4 years in the making anticipation was breaking something else broke too invites were dropped it was on Julio Fest 2014 quest was gone filling in as I spit the song couldn’t shut their mouth wasn’t long evacuated the party then gone someone decided to cross me and cross the upstairs maybe in pairs either way my family felt the despair and the vengeance is coming pledge allegiance to the flag you hear this you wanna gag coming for every last price tag destroying everything you own after you get emsed out so pms now can’t show my true power turn you in to a cripple how dare you look me in the face and giggle for that wont spare a nickel all you want is a pickle anyway not to hate on gays just you get the sharpie out of your ass wont be able to life your fat ass get you airlifted out world's fattest man you have passed like when you had your license revoked for a year and a half for driving to fast now smash you with a chandelier send you to the North Pole reindeer don’t come back banished for life see you again getting sliced take me for a joke cuz I like to get aggressive with my drinking once I get to mixing there’s no fixing out of my way with a vixen Chorus living life like Julio Jones so many numbers need 2 phones so much going on need 2 clones unfortunately can’t dived my power Its all one sided always undivided divide and conquer that’s on JC harnessed all of mine its all on me being drunk being at the top of the rap flow the power behind the phrase faded and dedicated when you hear this you’ll know why the hardest MC’S won’t come near this the scariest man on earth will fear this people don’t know there place what happened to dignity and grace get a bad wrap because I rap intentions have always been good don’t let that get misunderstood always treat a woman how I should make them feel important I could top of the pedestal I would If it’s deserved that spot is reserved different from most I swerved straight forward their curved but my motions similar that feeling to familiar end of the night ain't always right tomorrow morning it’ll be alright always a new opportunity to pass the quiz that was failed the previous day this time will know what to say Only hard times make me toughen CHOURS the most reckless drinker on the planet wherever I’m at leave my mark branded I’m respected feared persevered heck no understands what ive been through only one capable ’s just too true and my cup too full orange crush and my brain feel the rush take out all challengers royal flush good at every aspect knowledgeable like an Aztec as catastrophic as that day in Va

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