Coal (Raro DISS)

Published by JCJ

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you have such poor quality
 your so goddam small to me ahhh JCJ team FAD aint nobody catching me came to the park to fucking rake 
why’d you even bother to partake 
watch me step up to the plate 
Boy you haven’t even reached first base
 wouldn’t know good music if it hit you in the face 
that goes for your entire fan base 
 you think I’m gonna retire 
 when all your music backfire 
 so bad headphones are breaking 
listening to your shit can't take it 
rather run a half Mile half naked then hang my self in the matrix don't know what your faced with 
 I’m floored telling you don’t record 
cut you open with a sword then pull out the cord
 claiming to be a lord pin your tail on the board 
jack ass that takes shit half fast 
only works with half apps 
 all you have is bad raps 
would only sound good if you gave me a feature 
your voice sounds like a fucked up creature You the lord of the kids 
I'm The Lord of the rings 
 got The trilogy if you claim your killing me 
only refilling me it's pure idiocy
 to disrespect JC I’m the MVP while you sit JV 
so what you telling me 
talk cheap freestyle don't speak 
can't meet in person weak 
 You nothing but a stat geek 
 who hooks up with a fat geek 
 She was begging for it in the back seat 
but told Her only pack heat 
 don’t regret that tweet 
take youout on the concrete 
Knock your teeth out street ball 
roll you up like a meat ball 
 leave your corps
 On the meat wall hungry so I eat all 
 bringing the real like Cole
 Christmas I'm giving you coal 
hit list my number 1 goal digging you a huge hole 
 insurmountable can't climb up your time up 
finally 17 disintegrates when it's meets turn up team 
 boy won't see tomorrow Raro should be filled with sorrow 
trying to take the lords name and borrow 
trying to clam the top of the town you'd have to rip the top of my crown continue to obliterate in my sound until you take all your raps down 
rip your heart out cupid my god your so stupid 
strike you with a lighting rod there’s only one young god 
 don't worry about how I spend my money
 cuz you little boy going hungry 
don't understand these bands 
 can't get in these plans 
 fuck up out my life keep your name out my mouth I see pray and I pounce 
this game ain’t about fakeness 
it’s about executing greatness 
pour out my heart and soul in the pen 
woulda’ done this off my head 
foolish to let me prep instead 
either way leaving you for dead 
 your life will never be the same 
just for dropping my name 
 cant even get saved by santacon your team like the thunder when Durant is gone your mindset permanently stained took a picture bitch its framed 
 this a test you flunked 
while I was black out drunk 
 smoking 9 pound of skunk 
and still body slammed that punk 
 while I was coma toasted 
 with my body entirely roasted 
 what was all that twitter commotion 
from a dumb fat kid who was boasting 
now he drown out in his emotions 
paraplegic now can’t mak

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