Tri-Faded (Coco Remix)

Published by JCJ

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Tri-Faded Lyrics Coco Remix JCJ FAD I’ve been waiting to do this one for a while But really it’s only for me This is just the bridge from the mixtape to the album So y’all have something to drink some rounds on Created a Controversy that hit my whole town Don’t care who comes at me I’m never backing down Mix the 8 ball with the 4 loco Always have a lot never Un poco JCJ in love with the coco Making music is my focal Can’t contain the fire cooler Dropped mad guap at the jeweler Got diamonds on my ears Diamonds on my chest Diamonds on my wrist, Nothing on you’re body boy you’re the real bitch. Hit em' with the one-two flow real quick, My life's a vacation your girls just a trip. My life’s a vacation your girls just a trip Haters go on hibernation My life’s a vacation Thirsty bitches lacking hydration Never giving into their elation Send 100 Aqus to their station Have higher standards I’m chasing Take a sip of that drink Take a hit of that weed Take a sniff of that coke That's the Trifecta Tri-faded Tri-faded yea man Trri-Faded Balling like Melo I am isolated Ain’t capable of making a mistake Yet they all think its fake But my girl knows it real Cuz she on the tape Quote Wezzy sorry for the wait Sorry for the wait 3 Brought to you by JC Playing The Awaking on her apple Glad it ain't released yet will grapple Fears she’ll be deceased yet My fame just increase jet Making all these rappers reset But can’t redo what’s fresh That’s only in my flesh Trying to have what you can’t catch Don’t worry girl I won’t leave yet She opens up like a peanut I cum like I have three nuts Okay yea I’m her fixture Take a couple shots get the picture We pull out the liquor We pull out the blunts We got all the stunts We Clearly out in front We are the ones that they hunt Yea we doing it big this summer We putting up straight numbers Ain't with us that's a bummer All my girls get the lumber And the lust lead to a slumber Kill the pussy faster than call of duty Wake up surrounded by all THIS beauty Then I’m passing it off hot potato Leave the pussy open doctor’s table No matter what I am the man bitch Not hood I’m white and Spanish Still gonna make the odds vanish Don’t care who wants me to move out Not leaving till I have a huge amount I’m gonna win an Oscar Paramount Rappers I take out a fair amount I’m winning The Game Of Thrones Cashing out paying all my loans This musical game I’m Gonna spear it Just wait until the world hears it Spit about my life Don’t care who feels the pain When its over don’t know what remains But can’t keep it all inside my brain My shits so pure Miami Cocaine And she shuts me out no gain Keeps on playing like imma a game She’s so twisted its insane She gave me a broken down cane Made me walk 8 miles in rain Feel like Eminem searching for Dre When I make it what the fuck they gonna say Don’t even try it If you weren’t with me its quiet JCJ FAD Outta here #audio #JCJ #FAD #TUR

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