Dabbing To Super Bowl 50

Published by JCJ

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Super Bowl Lyrics Hook I think I can the win the Super Bowl Breakfast eating big in my super bowl Taking down legends is my super goal Celebrities everywhere that's the Super Bowl 50 yard line that's some super gold Getting commercial money at the Super Bowl I'm Getting zooted at the Super Bowl I think I can win the Super Bowl Verse Wanna be remembered like Manning Do it until I am no longer standing All the way out to San Fran Do it right here for the fans Touchdown as long as I land It's now JC season Death the only way that I'm leaving Fuck all those who aren't believing Twice Make sure the TV set Get the right spot on the couch Get the hot wings bring em out Keep the drinks going steady Tell me whose getting confetti Put all the bread on the panthers Light up the score board with lanterns Roll up to the stadium phantoms Come in and we see the anthem Down to the field see dancers Cool calm and collected Ware ain't deflecting Miler ain't catching Cam is jus connecting Olson gonna catch it Broncos got no answer Wideouts shut by Norman Only jones can touch him Outro I think I can the win the Super Bowl I think I can the win the Super Bowl Next year I'm gonna win the Super Bowl I think I can the win the Super Bowl #audio #JC #FAD #SUPERBOWL #SUPERBOWLWEEK #DABBIN #CAM #PANTHERS #BRONCOS #HIPHOP #NJ #OAKLAND #2010

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