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Honolulu, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

Coming from Honolulu, Hawaii - Shaka Braddah 808 Rainbow State
Just posting up some of my mixes and beats i enjoy making whether at home or on my tablet or phone while on the go. Its nothing much but everyday is a growing experience…hopefully ill reach to a professional level and possibly make a career out of it someday…somehow. Just something I like to do for fun while in a learning process on my own without having any recent lessons from instructors or special training from any kind of music school except for 5yrs of band class in public school since 7th grade to High school. Even though i hated *marching band(reason why i dropped out of music) Ive always wanted to learn play a little of every instrument and also getting more into depth making music using hi-tech advance music equipment… Plus I also just started to begin writing some of my own lyrics for my own music projects that ive created to help add more flavor, expression/character and also creativity in my work whenever I can or lucky enough to come up with a dope set of chords and melody in short period of time. I also have a few more private links of my projects that I’m working really hard on to perfect and complete w the help from another musician to collaborate with on the project. If you care to checkout and listen to whats on my private link… Just send me a msg showing that youre inerested or send me an email: https://www.twine.fm/signin - ALSO would appreciate some feedback and constructive tips & pointers afterwards on making improvements. So if anyone feels like jumping on and would also like to work with me, making some adjustments to enhance and masterfully complete a project… that’ll be freaking awesome and I’ll be most flattered having to be recognized and also sharing the dream working together getting ourselves one step closer to something more positive who knows where that may be… but the man above.

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