Build Up($9.99)

Published by Jaypump

  • 1 credits Click the link if you are interested in leasing this beat. The beat will be delivered to you with in 48 hours. This is a Premium License: The first 5000 copies you sell or give away will be royalty free! If royalties become due, the aurthor requests to recieve the full current statuatory rate per unit. The author requires a written credit to be included in the title or credits secion of the completed song. You are permitted to perform this music in a live show or concert. You are also permitted to receive radio play under the ters of the liscense. Also, synchronize this composition in a music video, or youtube with the right to broadcast it worldworld for a period of 2 years. No "exclusive use" warranties are granted by this license. If you are interested in exclusive beats you can email me at Also, email me if you need the track out and it will be delivered to you along with the beat. If you have any problems email me at or call 8 #audio #trap beat #dark #beat #jputv #production

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