JR Ancheta - #BARSDa6th Submission. (Prod. By NatsuFuji) Cypher link in Desc.

Published by JR Ancheta (of JustUsLocalsOnly)


#BarsDa6th Submission 7-23-16 #BarsDa6h Cypher Prod. By NatsuFuji (@neo-fuji-muzik) https://soundcloud.com/neo-fuji-muzik/bars-da-6th Honestly, I've been out of alot of creativity as of late. I work so much now running my department and its just draining by the time I get home. I'm still here though. It's all good fam. #LocalsOnly Verse: Who are you lookin for? I am a man of good reason. Come with the heat or come to be defeated. Die like a king or be leadin. See who is next. Best keep your manners in check. Quit wastin my time. I’m lookin for answers. Now come say that shit with your chest. (lil one) This ain’t a vertical test. Metered proverbial stress. Ice in the vein. Liftin the clutch with finesse. Live in the clutch with the best. You with a crutch. Who in the fuck you impress? Breathe in my smoke like the rest. Walk through the maize you cadets. Clean with the steelo beretta. Feelin the nina she mean with the sloppy rosettta. Stones. Deadliest strokes off the dome. Bleed through your memory. Straight from the tomes. Catacomb mischief. Dig up your skeleton. That alone. Hadda known. Dead. Since the thunderdome. Harder the rhymer the bigger the hit at home. Mentally searchin for light in the monochrome. Madder though. I've been forever the latter of now or say never. Hoe. Seekin to grab the gold. Bands. Looking through all of my plans. Lowkey been killt it since two thousand ten. What in the fuck could you say to my record. Done half of yall verses but still ain't the half of my stature. I thought you all really knew better. Been ghostin your pieces since Adam met Evellyn. She was a heaven sent. Gave her a taste of the cream and I tainted the sheen with some excellence. God damn. Lord oughta come with the blessings. I've always been smarter to know not to test em. They bitin the flow like a cobra to Cole but condemn em. These snakes in the grass. Get cut up and toss in the air. Only few with my feathers can flock at this level. We locals. The 66 solo be doin the most. Pushin the focused. Leadin the coastin. I be forever Outspoken. #audio #Hiphop Rap

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