Jeremiah Tree
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Los Angeles, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

Jeremiah Tree is an artist,musician,songwriter,creator,producer,engineer,collaborator,and teacher in Los Angeles.
Tree began recording his music in 1996 on a 4 track cassette recorder.Since then he has built an extensive catalog of music and sounds.Music ranging from rock,blues,EDM,experimental,ambient,single wave,live,field and nature sounds.
Tree has collaborated and studied under names such as Brian Carlstrom,Brian Jerdan,Dave Jerdan,Tracy Walker,John Grant and Eddie Kramer.He has worked as an assistant to Perry Farrell(1998-1999),and Marilyn Manson(2009).
He has recorded extensively at Westlake Audio and El Dorado Studios.
Tree has placed music in several commercials,movies,and promotionals.He has collaborated with Indian Classical,Chinese Classical and Latin musicians.
Tree plays several instruments.Including drums,percussion,guitar,bass,piano,analog synths,and esraj.
Tree has been teaching music privately with his own method of teaching since 2012.He teaches drums,guitar and piano.
Tree is available to do session work as a musician,engineer and producer.He is also available to teach private music lessons.
Currently he is collaborating with legendary pro-skater Paulo Diaz.Their music stems from influences ranging from Indian,Latin and Jazz.

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