Find You (Oh, What Can I Say) [Radio Edit]

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Justem - Find You (Oh, What Can I Say) [Radio Edit] OUT NOW on BANG RECORD •Edd Thomas (Axtone Rec.) - The track sounds like it has great potential! •EDM TUNES: Yes, this is great. The melodic interpretation throughout is really nice.Great vocals and melodies, well done! •Size Rec. - Not our style, but it's a great track! •Alex GlobalByte (DjMag & More) - Great track ! •Bruce Cullen ( Blackhole Rec) - Great work dude! •Relight Orchestra: Very good! RADIOs •Insert on m2o musica allo stato puro Italian Network Database •Radio Number One • Radio Studio Piu' - The Dance Station: This is our BEAT OF THE WEEK! • Radio Vivafm: Insert in our programs • Radio Ibiza : Insert in our programs •Space FM Romania •Radio Linea 1 •Canale Italia •Radio Saubasio •EARONE: Insert in our database! And Many Others! #audio #justem #find #you #oh #what #can #i #say #bang #record #New #single #out #now #radio #pop #dance

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