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axioms Hector. Transmit Transmissible Calypso Skin Care Transit Transactions, transposing transcendent transparent transgressions. 21 To the Archbishop of Constantinople they want to destroy it-bisconstantinopolizar. The disintegration of the anti-monopoly that disintegrates it will lead to a destructive, 22 compr Paco or few glasses; Few drinks bought Paco. As few drinks bought Paco, few drinks paid Paco. 23 The cushions of the Bishop, the drawers of the Mayor, What cushions, what drawers, the Bishop's cudgels, the Mayor's drawers! 24 The princess of Morocco is not morroquizada, reason why does not come to tale no marketer for the princess of Morocco unmarroquizada. 25 Eight is a n u Mocho mere eight Pochos billets mochos mochos over eight pillars, we show that eights between billets are odd mochos. 26 Three

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