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Mixed by: Clairmont The Second. MP3 DL: Twitter: Lyrics: Bad habits get the best of me/ Rap is like a meal and I'm just working up a recipe/ Rest in peace, to all the haters that be standing next to me/ Never used to want to listen, now I bet you click repeat/ Tossing & Turning' in a bed, that I can't sleep in/ Every-days another struggle, Gotta face my demons/ Every-days another struggle, Open eyes could see it/ Open up your mind; don't be blind to the secrets... & Often, I feel like I'm trapped in a coffin/ Talking with my conscious... Claustrophobic, I become, surrounded by the nonsense, Crazy in the mind, perhaps I need some help, But in reality, all you need is wealth, You attract friend when you got fortune, But I'm broke, so I can't afford shit, You gon' need a telescope to analyze my rhymes, 'Cause when I rap, my verses be out the skies, Word to the wise—life would be great if we unified, But people in life, don't see eye to eye, Word on road—I keep my circle small like a decimal, And lowkey, I smoke a-lot of vegetables, Don't kill my vibe; I stay high like my testerone (Testosterone) And I score home-base when she hits the dome (PUN) Yeah... I'm just a rebel that's chillen, empty glass of emotions, & your thoughts won't fill it, an adolescent at young age—becoming reckless, Got any records? Cause I recon, I can wreck it, Put me in position, I believe that I can, Try to test my limits; you'll see that you can't My abilities are mistaken based on appearance, These are more than just words; real ears could hear it, I like to go in depth with my lyrics, I'm lyrical, Got high spirits, but I ain't spiritual, Got a soul, filled with gold, And a mind filled with words, which over-flow Unbound yourself, don't be controlled, Fuck rules, be rebellious, Forget TV, don't have nobody TELLE-US-ANYTHING... Metanoia! #audio #Rap Hiphop #Metanoia #Jahail #Toronto #MetanoIIa #90s #Joey #Bada$$ #ProEra #Real #Music #TDE #OVO #XO

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