New Ways (Feat. Clairmont The Second)

Published by jahail

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Produced by: Clairmont The Second. Jahail: Been awhile since i came through, Life took hold, which changed views, From PK back to TO, Work getting done when i'm on the road, I'm on the go to get that paper like i ain't been busy working, Summertime we get it popping, party with the homies, Hoes ain't important, show 'em no emotions, Don't complain about love, Grab yourself a bottle, drink away your problems, That's what they try to teach the youth, I could speak on matters who am i to judge you? I form at a instance...nostalgia, my past gets relived man, Shit, i guess i'm happy, got my lady who be down to ride.. Lady down to ride who keep me happy and satisfied, By the love given, we was all children, Fast forward where we end up, Knives in our backs not knowing how to fix cuts, Old faces saying that "you changed up" But its whatever though, Friendship is an option that been running low.... Been real since day one....been real since day one, And when you say you hate me i know its still love. Chorus: New ways, new ways, new clothes, new girl, new shades, new look, new life, new stage, got me in my new, ways. New heights, new escape, new eyes, new face, new love, more drinks no chase, more weed straight to the face, got me in my new... Clairmont The Second: Umm, chicks say i have no filter, do i look like brita? Where's yo babysitter? alienated from the basics, Disappointed with my placement, feeling homesick, Take me back, to my planet, like a coordinator, Not getting paid now, but its coming later, Needed a summer job to get some minor paper, Copped a Samsung like Jennette McCurdy, I'm attacking on sight like a fallout raider, Drinkers telling me not to drink, smokers saying don't smoke, I can't do anything, been told i don't do anything, So let me know whats this? I'm one of the few making noise on the weston strip, Used to live on eglinton, bus 32, I ain't seen much, around the age of 8 i moved, Now the age of the stupid dudes and stupid girlies too, Tell me what i do to deserve living on this earth... I ain't feel it at all, ain't feeling them, Telling me how, telling me what, Telling me when, tell me who you, I DON'T KNOW YOU, Just because you on my friendslist, It don't mean that we cool, Felt bad for you, feel bad for dudes, Wanna be me, I'm on that new, They on that used, they're of no use, Upping my level, Higher than you, Shocked when I rap, I'm feeling like Zeus, Project le deuce, yeah Chorus* Jahail (Outro): Getting back to the music was a must man, Break time given only two months, It don't seem enough man... Next year, trying to go on tour with the homies... Now that's big plans. Cause to sum it all up, I've been at years, Trying to get this crafted, New sound invested, feeling like magic, I carry the passion, Finna make it happen...finna make it happen.. When these words hit ya ears i just hope that you listen, Said it once before for you to listen, Now i'm all up in your mind, pai

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