We'll Rule The World (Demo)

Published by Jake Sloan


I was working on an instrumental track in Music Tech Class today and got like half-way through a full song... So... Of course, I put some lyrics to it. It really sounded like a HAMILTON song so, I just made it fit The One and Only Rose Quartz thing. Lyrics: Jasper: The War Is Beginning Now (The War Is Beginning Now) The War Is Beginning Now (The War Is Beginning Now) We gotta take advantage, while other side is dormant The battle might be over, but the war surely isn’t Rose: Pearl Pearl: Yes, Rose? Rose: We need a new plan, Homeworld’s winning so much land. And we don’t have more Quartz to put into command. Brawns alone won’t win this war, we have to use our brains in more, be prepared for what’s in store. I heard you had some ideas Why don’t we put some use to them Plan it all out, and direct some Pearl: Make some weapons and make them eat some! This planet's full of metals and stones, we could polish them, Sharpen them to swords and axes, with one slice, we’ve won! Rose: We’ll have to train a lot of gems Are you sure you can take that chore? Pearl: Pehah! You’re talking to a pearl that taught herself to swing a sword Gems: Day and night we trained weeks and months on end That pearl was just NON-STOP She even gave us words to live by when we’re in the fields Pearl: When ever Rose Quartz is in trouble, should we ever yield? Group: No! Take some action, sacrifice, for the freedom of our shield Rose: Uhm guys… I have a shield, I’ll be fine Pearl: No, Rose, We need you alive We’ll risk our lives for your legacy We’ll even die to let you see How important you are to all and me We’ll win this war, and set the planet free! Jasper and Crew: We’ll Rule The World We’ll Rule The World We’ll Rule The World We’ll Rule The World (vocalizing) Jasper: You can’t hold back forever gems Just wait I’ll make it to the end And We’ll Rule The World #audio #Hiphop Rap #Demo #Original #The #One #and #Only #Rose #Quartz

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