Call My Name (Demo)

Published by Jarrett Dean

  • 1 credits

- Call My Name - Verse 1: You gave it your all – My feelings just the same Maybe we only have each other to blame Don’t you wonder why – Things fell apart Verse 2: I never imagined things could turn out so bad Drifting slowly across a dream, too lost to come back Don’t you wonder why – We broke in two Pre: I guess if things were meant to be (all along) You wouldn’t have brought out the worst in me Chorus: You don’t need to call my name I already know what you’re thinkin’ about Since you’ve been gone So much has changed in me But you don’t need to call my name Verse 3: When love is a battle – Will you stand and win the war Like when we touched did you think anything at all But if you wondered dear – I felt it all Pre 2: Nobody ever needed you more Nobody but me, my heart, & I #audio #SingerSongwriter #Acoustic #Rock #Acoustic #Pop #Orchestral #Ambient #Pop #Pop #Rock #Alternative #Rock #Country #Rock # #Roll

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