The Optimistic Pessimist (Demo)

Published by Jarrett Dean

  • 1 credits

- The Optimistic Pessimist- V1: You’re standing on a ledge Afraid that you just might look down You’re thinking about jumpin’ But only if you’ll safely hit the ground This is a moment in your life when you swim or you will surely drown V2: Your tied down to the tracks And the train’s coming full speed ahead Regret won’t help you now You may as well forget the things you said You start to think of all the things That keep running thru your head Pre-Chorus: I probably should have called How I wish I could have stayed But if I stuck around I probably would have ruined it anyway Chorus: (‘Cuz) That’s life Did it break your heart ? Did it watch you fall apart ? Did it hold you under water from the start ? Just say oh well… That’s life V3: You’re walking on a wire The wind will surely blow you to your end Suppressing your desires Is something that you could never comprehend Then karma came around And knocked you on your ass for all your sins #audio #Country #Bluegrass #SingerSongwriter #Pop #Pop #Rock #Acoustic #Ryan #Adams #Acoustic #Rock #Matchbox #Twenty #One #Republic #Luke #Bryan #Keith #Urban

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